M-LINK allows you to monitor whatever is going on in your factory or workplace. 24/7 logging with instant acces to your data through our portal.

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24/7 Monitoring
100+ Variables
170+ Countries

M-LINK combines improved productivity and the environment.

M-LINK is Mitrions industry data collection, monitoring and visualization service. Every part of your process and our product lines can be integrated into M-LINK to provide you with the confidence you need to be able to provide effective predictive maintenance and process optimization.

Through M-LINK Mitrion has already achieved longer lifetimes, reduced power consumption and increased efficiency. The way in which we distinguish ourselves from our competitors is that we actively monitor the data we provide you, we found that the missing element in many products is not how technically sound they are but often the understanding of what to do with the data. To ensure the safety of all our systems they can always work independently of M-LINK and are never connected to the customers own network, this makes sure there can never be a outage that interferes with your process.

M-LINK can be adapted to every application in which more insight is needed so don’t hesitate to specify your companies specific use-case.