Filter Improvement Technologies

Control, insight, predictive maintenance and spare parts. Everything you need to get and keep your filter up to speed and in perfect working order.

25 years in business
>100% Longer lifetime
>50% Compressed air saved

Know more about your filters than was possible before.

Mitrion as company has emerged from the filtration business. Because of this we have a lot of knowledge about how to make your filters more efficient and keep them in perfect working order. One frequently encountered problem is that operators don’t always know what is happening inside the filter so that defects cant be spotted before they cause downtime or decreased throughput. Because of this it is also hard to determine what actions might be taken to accommodate for changes in the process or wear on the components.

With our knowledge and the use of our M-LINK monitoring platform we can ensure these problems will be in the past. Defects or inefficiencies can be spotted quickly and the need for predictive maintenance can be communicated in a timely manner.